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Fiberglass repair for bathtubs and showers - Bathware Repair Service

BATHWARE REPAIR SERVICE offers tub and shower fiberglass repair.  Our tub and shower fiberglass repair company is located in Bend, Oregon and serves the surrounding communities including, Madras, Sisters, Crooked River Ranch, Tumalo, Prineville, Bend, Sunriver and La Pine.


Ignoring minor cracks, holes or nicks in your fiberglass tube or shower can lead to major damage from water leaking into subfloors or walls over time. Do not put off repairs due to cost concerns thinking an entire replacement could cost thousands of dollars. Bathware Repair Service  can repair most issues for $100 to $500.  Our expert color matching makes repairs blend into the overall finish.

Apartment & Property Managers

When you have a unit vacancy you want a new occupant as soon as possible.  Visible damage in tub and shower enclosures can be a hindrance to prospective renters.  You want your unit to look great and ready to move in.  Bathware Repair Service can quickly and economically make your bath enclosures look like new.  Scratches, cracks or holes can be easily repaired.  You may just want the enclosure to be expertly cleaned and buffed to restore a shiny finish.

Contractors & Builders

The building and remodeling process can expose shower and tub enclosures to rough and damaging conditions.  Even new tubs and showers can be scratched or nicked by tools or debris.  Bathware Repair Service can address these issues quickly and efficiently preventing delays in your project completion.


Everyone knows the importance of updated and clean looking bathrooms for eye appeal in selling homes.  Bathware Repair Service can make tubs and shower enclosures look like new for minimal cost.

Scratches, Cracks & Chips

While minor chips, scratches and cracks may not look serious, they can lead to major damage if not addressed.  When the finish of the fiberglass or acrylic surface is compromised this can lead to water seeping through the fiberglass and into subfloors or walls. This can lead to more significant, even structural damage in time.  Our expert fiberglass repair and color matching process can restore the integrity of the surface.

Subfloor Collapse

In some cases, long term use of inadequate subfloor support can cause a tub or shower floor to collapse.  This can cause large cracks and significant water leakage.  Bathware Repair Service has developed a process to rebuild the support the floor requires, repair the fiberglass and restore the finish.  This process can restore the tub or shower for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Have a damaged fiberglass tub or shower? We can repair the damage and save you from costly replacement costs.

Fiberglass repair for bathtubs and showers - Bathware Repair Service

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Bathware Repair Service Tub And Shower Fiberglass Repair

Clean and Buff

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Even if your tub or shower is not damaged, the surface may turn dull and loose its shine over time.  Bathware Repair Service can provide expert cleaning and power buffing to restore a shiny finish.